What’s your favorite thing about where you work?

Is it the environment? The culture? The People? Maybe it’s the technology or the resources you have access to?

Hopefully it’s some sort of combination of all of the above, however, something tells me that for a lot of people there’s not a whole lot to get excited about when it comes to where you work.

Traditional office spaces are expensive, typically pretty uninspiring and for the most part completely out of reach for most freelancers, remote employees and small startups.

Coworking spacesor shared office spaces offer amazing opportunities for not only the groups mentioned above but for larger corporate companies as well; helping them to get out of the “cubicle”, get inspired, and become more productive.

To give you a better visual, the good folks from Wix and Officevibe, put together an infographic of 11 stats that will make you seriously consider coworking as a viable option for employees and entrepreneurs of all types.

In addition to the infographic, both Wix and Officevibe hosted a webinar to discuss the state of coworking with three featured coworking spaces. You can watch a replay of that webinar here.