So, you’re looking to join a coworking space. You’re a savvy Charlotte entrepreneur who does their research. By now you know it will be better for your wallet than a traditional office space, and better for your sanity than working from home. After calling around, taking a few tours, and matching all your options with your needs, you’re ready to pull the trigger. There is one final step to ensure you’re making the best choice: using a day pass. Most coworking spaces offer complimentary or low-cost day passes to prospective members. While a tour is a great way to check out the location and amenities, day passes give you a chance to experience the community, comfort, and overall vibe of a coworking space. As with most things, you’ll have a better experience if you prepare ahead of time.  Below are six tips to help you make the most of your day pass.

Choose the right day

Mondays are usually hectic, and Fridays are extra chill. You’ll want to visit midweek to get the most normal representation of the space and its inhabitants. Call the community manager at the beginning of the week to let them know to expect you. Most managers will want to have time in their schedule to give you a tour and make sure you’re comfortable in their space. You’ll also want to use your day pass when you have a fairly normal workload. If you’re swamped, you won’t have time to meet current members or really take in your surroundings.

Pay attention when you arrive

First off, take note of your commute, and if there are any traffic trouble spots on the way. Is the parking free, or is there a garage? How convenient is it to find a spot? Parking costs will add up quickly, and you may feel more comfortable inviting clients to meetings if you know they won’t have trouble parking. Also take note of the surrounding neighborhood. Any lunch spots that catch your eye? (Hello, Rhino Market). How about a grocery store, gas station, or proximity to highways and the airport? Convenience is key. Check out the security as you enter, too. Do members use a passcode, key fob, or a security app? Being comfortable in a space includes knowing you, and your belongings, are safe.


Meet the Community Manager

The community manager and staff know the space from top to bottom, shape the community, and are a great resource when you use a day pass. A staff member should greet you on your way in and offer coffee or a tour. Definitely take them up on the tour if you haven’t already! They will also show you the areas of the space that count as “coworking”, or “hot desk” areas where you can spend the day. Ideally, a staff member will also introduce you to a few members, which leads us to our next tip.


Chat with members

Members are what give a coworking space its personality. The great community is what elevates coworking above regular old office space for rent. Take time during your day to chat with the other professionals around you (don’t wear headphones the whole day). Find out about their fields of work; a diverse set of members might be more beneficial to you than a narrow one. Ask why they chose to be members at this particular space, and their thoughts on the community. Bring business cards for any new connections or friends!


Get comfortable

Find your spot! Try working in a few different areas of the space throughout the day. Is there a quiet desk for focus, or a cool nook that inspires your creativity? One of the best things about coworking spaces is that they provide more options for your environment than a cubicle or small office rental. Use your day pass to see if you feel productive and energized in a space.

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Ask Questions

Before you leave, ask the staff any questions that came up throughout the day. They are here to make sure you have the best possible experience in their space, and to guide you through the process of joining. No question is too small, either. Ask about snack selection, or recycling, or music. Ask how they feel about their job and their visions for the community. Most importantly, ask if there are any membership specials that you can take advantage of!

Now through January 31st, The Launch Factory Charlotte is offering one month of free coworking with a year-long dedicated desk or coworker membership. At The Launch Factory we provide a unique, technology-optimized coworking space that’s ready for business professionals and teams of all shapes and sizes. If you have any questions about our space or would like to schedule a private tour, please contact us here.

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