We exist to make running your business easier by providing hospitable amenities and a secure place to get it done.
By attracting a diverse network, Launch Factory aims to connect the thriving economy of Charlotte, and beyond.
As a member of our community, you will find the motivation and collective energy to help you to accomplish your tasks and fuel your business.

Local identity

Supporting local vendors, suppliers, and artists

Launch Factory is locally-owned and involved in the fabric of the Charlotte business community.
Our commitment to keeping it local includes sourcing regional suppliers and purveyors of local foods and beverages from coffee, tea, cold brew, and kombucha to our cafe’s healthy snacks.
Walk the halls of our suite to enjoy the sensational works of local artists and muralists.


We make it easier for you to focus on building your business

Our vision for the Launch Factory started after facing the challenges of growing a start-up venture and, at the same time, struggling to have a proper place to work.
Since then, we’ve planned the type of shared and flexible office scenario that is ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our coworking options are simpler, lower in cost, and create less day-to-day stress when compared to the traditional office space options.

Meet Our Team

Margaret Slate

Community Manager

Justin Cook

Facilities Manager

Jennifer Zucker

Hospitality Manager

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