Member Spotlight: Echelon Information Management Solutions

No, he’s not a famous DJ, but Khalid Zoabi is already a success to us. He and his software developer, Camila Moreira are the newest members at The Launch Factory.

Since the sixth grade, Khalid wasn’t found spinning records, but studying software. His lifelong commitment to (and fascination with) software development eventually led Zoabi to start his own boutique software development company called Echelon Information Management Solutions.

Software is something I’ve just always loved, I started the company to make my own hours and work on projects I’m passionate about while creating lasting relationships at the same time.

When asked why he chose The Launch Factory as his workspace of choice, Zoabi pointed to the advanced technology, fung-shui (W-Hotel type vibe), and blazing fast internet.

Knowing a technology company (SecureEdge) was the mastermind behind the shared office space caught my attention. I’ve been looking for a higher-end (but affordable) coworking space in Charlotte with the right vibe, technology, and community. The Launch Factory is the first I’ve come across.

Zoabi named his company Echelon to reinforce his commitment to the highest standard and highest quality in custom made, boutique software.

If you are going to make software that doesn’t exist, make it right he first time. That’s what Echelon does.

Outside of the economicalprice for Charlotte office spaceand great amenities (such as three member only networking events per month, bar, free coffee and desert snacks) Zoabi became a member of The Launch Factory for the networking and camaraderie of entrepreneurship.

I wanted Echelon to be surrounded by other like-minded companies and leaders in order to get the inside scoop on what other people are doing and help others get to where they want to go.

Zoabi’s one-year goal is to form a small team of full stack developers and launch a web service product for Amazon.

Camila and I are pumped about the future and we think being here will help “launch” our company.

Welcome to the family Khalid and Camilla!

At The Launch Factory we provide an upscale, unique, technology-optimized Charlotte coworking space, ready for business professionals and technology teams of all shapes and sizes. If you have any questions about our space or would like to schedule a private tour, please contact us here.

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