Sit Stand Desks

5 Benefits of Sit-Stand Desks 

By: Margaret Slate 


It’s Sunday again.  Your meals are prepped, your schedule is full, but where do you stand when it comes to healthy workplace habits?  Today, many employees are aware of their routine in regards to consistent workouts and a balanced diet, but an essential factor to one’s health is the workspace environment.  We’ll discuss how technology is making it easier to adopt healthy workspace habits that will add time to your life and increase productivity for work itself.  

Your Health

As early as 2014,  we’ve been aware of the diseases employees are more prone to in result of the abundant amount of sitting we experience in a work year: cancers, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, overproductive pancreas, depression, muscle degeneration, leg disorders, back damage, and the list continues. With a list that extensive, shouldn’t we all be forced to stand by now?   Not exactly.  We shouldn’t throw away office chairs and ban sitting altogether, as there are health risks with standing for long periods, too, but we can listen to our bodies!  For instance, Apple Watch users can attest that the “Stand Up!” feature is pretty convenient. It reminds users to stand 1 minute out of 12 different hours in a day.  If you don’t have an Apple Watch, don’t worry, there are alternative methods for you to stay standing!  Plus, the alternative method is more efficient to reach the recommended stand goal by researcher, Jack Callaghan  

Callaghan, a University of Waterloo professor, found that we should be standing 30 minutes each hour of the workday, and if you’re typically at your desk for a full 8-hours, you should stand 45 minutes of each hour.  That seems like a lot, but based on an article referencing a report by European Journal of Preventive Cardiologywe can see down to the detail that standing can result in a weight loss of 5 pounds per year.  By simply standing most of your workday, you can actively burn calories – .15 per minute to be exact.   


Another benefit of working at a sit-stand desk is the result of employee productivity in a typical workday.  This is due to many factors, one being that more oxygen and nutrients are circulated to the brain at a higher rate thus increasing brain function and even production of new brain cells, scientifically named neurogenesis.  This change in circulation increases energy and the ability to focus.  Based on a study of a call center, the standing group increased productivity by 46% compared to the sedentary employees.   


5 Benefits of SitStand Desks 

 Weight loss

Employees can burn .15 cal by standing for 30 minutes of every hour of your workday.  Studies show this change in your workflow can lead to a loss of 5 pounds a year

Increased Productivity

Converting to standing desks is proven to increase productivity by nearly 50%.  

Less Fatigue

The brain is the powerhouse of your workday. Standing increases circulation which in turn energizes your brain 87% more than sitting.   

Less Tension

Your back and your neck appreciate when you stand.  When in the correct posture, the spine is more naturally aligned and reduces the risk of damaged joints and back pain.

Reduced Risk of Disease

Sitting Disease is a metabolic syndrome that consists of symptoms that lead to heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. A small percentage of employees are aware of Sitting Disease and 47% believe they are at risk. 


So, do you want to lose 5 pounds and decrease your risk of major health issues?  How do you start tracking your standing to make sure of it?  Try setting a timer or alarm on your desktop or phone for 30 minutes.  Hit snooze, rather than stop, and you’ve created your own personal and beneficial reminder to stay aware of your workplace habits.  And if you want to dive even deeper into your fitness goals and standing habits, there’s an app for that.  With science deeming sitting as a killer of our workforce, developers have created apps generating stand alerts, coordinating weight loss goals, and even with the capability to adjust your desk height right from your smartphone.  


As Tim Cook has stated, “Sitting is the new cancer.”  and we’ve listened.  Through a partnership with TiMOTION Ergo, we’ve customized multiple sit-stand desks and one sit-stand conference table to counter these stressing health issues. See one in a private office here at Launch Factory pictured above. Technically, these guys aren’t standing correctly, so follow the link here to see how it’s supposed to be done. 


Launch Factory is redefining work to promote a productive and healthier lifestyle. Ready to experience TiMOTION sit-stand desk benefits?  Schedule a tour of a private office with your own sit-stand desk.  


Sit Stand Desk Benefits Infographic