Everything to Know About Dedicated Desk Coworking

We’ve covered coworking pretty extensively on The Launch Factory blog. Our goal is to be a great resource for current and prospective coworkers, as well as for coworking spaces. Dedicated desks are the one of the most common types of coworking memberships, available in the majority of shared office spaces. Below is a compilation of our blog articles about dedicated desk coworking. Click the links to learn more in-depth information! 

First off, the basics: what is dedicated desk coworking?

A dedicated desk membership is exactly that: a desk in a coworking space that is yours. No one else will use it while you’re gone, and you’ll always know there’s a spot waiting for you when it’s time to work. Usually, dedicated desks in a coworking space are designated to one area, so they are not interspersed with collaborative or social areas where you might be distracted.”

So how do you know if a dedicated desk is right for you? Dedicated desks are a convenient option for a wide variety of professionals. Personal preference is a huge reason people choose dedicated desks over hot desk memberships. It might put your mind at ease to know there is a specific desk reserved for you to work each day, rather than having to come in and choose a free spot. A dedicated desk will also be more convenient if you require a desktop computer or tend to accumulate a lot of paper materials. No one wants to lug around a whole filing cabinet, after all.

Another plus of dedicated desks is that you can decorate yours however you want! Personalize your workspace and make it a positive and comfortable place to spend your time: add family pictures, your favorite teas, and a warm scarf or sweater.

Why a dedicated desk is a great choice for new coworkers:

If you are new to coworking, or prefer the idea of a more settled, reliable workspace, a dedicated desk might be the right option for you.  Dedicated desks solve many of the problems coworking newbies worry about as they make the leap from office (home or traditional) to a coworking space.”

Are dedicated desks right for my team?

“Really, teams of all sizes could utilize both private offices and dedicated desks. This is more a question to consider prior to touring coworking spaces, as it will save you time to make sure a space can accommodate your quantity of team members before a tour. One thing to keep in mind is that your team members will be anything but comfortable crammed into a too-small office. If a coworking space does not have a private office large enough for your team, a cluster of dedicated desks (or even splitting the group between an office and desks) is a better choice- everyone needs breathing room.”

Most coworking spaces offer a variety of membership levels. Private offices, dedicated desks, and floating, or “hot desk” memberships are all options to consider.  If you have a team that has to work closely together throughout the day, or handles sensitive information, a private office may be the best option. For more independent roles, a cluster of dedicated desks in a collaborative area would be a good fit. That will allow them to meet and integrate with other members of the space, while still being a cohesive unit within your company.”

As you can see, dedicated desks are a viable and convenient option for many types of professionals. For questions about availability and pricing of dedicated desks at The Launch Factory, shoot us an email at info@thelaunchfactory.com or give us a call at (980) 220-3800!