Comin’ In Hot: The Definitive Guide to Hot Desk Coworking

Here at The Launch Factory, we’ve written quite a bit about hot desk coworking. After all, it’s the most varied and even *adventurous* form of membership in a shared office space! No matter your industry or working style, hot desk coworking can be beneficial for you. Below is a compilation of past articles covering hot desk memberships. Whether you’re interested in the the basic tenets or the more nitty-gritty specifics, this resource should help you learn all you need to know about the hot desk style of coworking.

So, what exactly is hot desk coworking? 

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“A hot desk membership at a coworking space is a great fit for independent professionals who want a low-commitment, low cost option for an office. Hot desk memberships allow you access to any available (not dedicated) desk or work area; you come in each day and find a free spot. They are usually the lowest price tier that a coworking space offers.

The idea of “first come, first served” in a shared office space might conjure up some bad memories. Who hasn’t ended up in the back middle seat on a Southwest flight, or with the last, sad scoop of mac and cheese at a potluck? We shudder at the memories! However, you needn’t worry or have an undue flashback. Coworking spaces usually have plenty of collaborative areas for hot desk coworkers. These can be clusters of desks, couches, bar seating, standing desks, a cafe area…the list goes on. With a hot desk membership, you’ll have options to suit your mood and your to-do list.”

Can my corporation benefit from hot desk memberships?

“A hot desk membership would be great for an employee that travels often or is otherwise away from the office. The best hot desk candidate is already mobile in their work, not bogged down with multiple monitors or too much paper.

If you have remote workers in different cities, a coworking membership can give them access to the technology (like smart TVs ready for video conferencing) and community they may be missing out on as remotes. Your employees may be spread out across a space- at their own desk, typing away on a couch, or even in another state- but you can reconvene when you need to in a tech-optimized conference room.”

Hot desk coworking and digital nomads:

“There are a few different ways to utilize coworking as a digital nomad. How you personally use a shared office space will coworking space digital nomaddepend on your lifestyle- in particular, your travel schedule. Many globe-hopping freelancers spend a few weeks or more in a city before moving on. If this is the case for you, find a coworking space that offers month-to-month memberships. Usually hot desk memberships allow for this flexibility; dedicated desks or private offices sometimes require a lease. Hot desk memberships are a great option for travelers anyway, since by moving spots everyday you’ll make new friends and connections in a snap!”

I’m a manager. How do I introduce my team to hot desk coworking?

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“Some businesses claim multiple dedicated desks or hot desk memberships in lieu of a private office. In a traditional office space, where everyone is a part of the same company, the information sharing process could just be a shout across cubicles. In your new coworking space, your employees might be scattered among dedicated desks and collaborative areas. It will be helpful to establish daily or weekly meetings with your team to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Having an intentional plan for clear communication in a new environment will aid the transition.”

Productivity hacks for hot desk coworking:

“Hot desk coworking is the ultimate flexibility: it’s usually the lowest price point offered by a shared office space, and is generally a month-to-month commitment. The novelty of not having a set space to work in- no desk to cram full of papers or office wall to plaster with sticky notes à la Carrie in Homeland- leaves some professionals weary. Will their productivity fall to pieces within a less structured system?

The short answer: no. The long answer, in the form of 3 productivity hacks for hot desk coworking, is below!”

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