The commute. For most professionals, it’s unavoidable. Working from home, as we’ve covered, doesn’t work for everyone. Unless you have laser focus, a super zen house, or those $400 noise-cancelling headphones, working from home has plenty of distractions. There’s always laundry to do and a lawn to be mowed. Your TV will silently beckon to you, as will the fridge (you’ll probably do that thing where you just open it and stare into it for no reason). And you have kids at home- well, multiply that distraction by 100. 

So, maybe you’ve been through this ringer and have turned to coworking, or are leaving a traditional corporate environment for a shared office space. In your search for the perfect coworking space, there are a few factors you should consider right off the bat. Cost, tech capabilities, and general environment are all important aspects to consider. However, remember that commute? For this reason, and many others, your first consideration should be location.

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Your Coworking Commute

coworking charlotte location commute

Every morning.

The distance between a coworking space and your home is your first factor to examine. When you are driving to visit for the first time, note the length of the route and general traffic patterns. If you take your tour midday, ask the community manager about rush hour traffic. Ideally, you can find a coworking space that hits the sweet spot: not so far that you dread making the drive, but not so close that you’re tempted to leave for a midday nap. A reasonable commute is a nice time to switch into “work” mode, too. Put on a podcast and bring a travel mug of coffee, and even a little morning traffic won’t sour your mood.

Clients and Guests

For many professionals, a coworking space also functions as a place to host clients and meetings. It’s important to consider how non-members access the location. Especially if you have out-of-town clients, convenience is a must. Picture it: they’re coming off a flight or a long drive. They’re tired and hungry. The last thing they want is to get lost in a maze-like city center or be confused about parking. Your clients will be better off if your coworking space is located in a straightforward, easily accessed area.

When It’s Time for a Trip

Charlotte coworking location airport

Close to the airport? Check.

Access to the airport and major highways is part of this equation, too. This goes for people coming in from out and town, and for you as the member. A travel day often still requires you to work for a few hours. If you can zip easily from your coworking space to catch your flight, or land in time for an afternoon meeting, travel days will be much easier.

Coworking Neighborhood Vibes

The last important consideration about the location of a coworking space is the surrounding neighborhood. Check out the immediate area for amenities like grocery stores, pharmacies, laundromats, and gyms. We all hate runnings errands; wouldn’t it be nice to get them done on your drive home, without going far out of the way? Restaurants are equally important. Look for a good mix within a few miles of the coworking space. You know, salads on Monday, pizza on Friday…it’s all about balance!

The Launch Factory is conveniently located at 2459 Wilkinson Boulevard, less than 2 miles from Uptown Charlotte. Hop on 277 straight from Wilkinson to enjoy all the comforts of Uptown, Southend, and the surrounding neighborhoods. West End institutions like Pinky’s Westside Grill and Rhino Market & Deli are right up the road, and the airport is only 10 minutes away. Join us.

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