Coworking Benefits

Budget Breakdown: Coworking Space Vs. Office Rental

Coworking spaces have so much going for them. Shared offices can provide immeasurable benefits to startups, small businesses, freelancers, and professionals of all stripes. Community is a huge reason for this benefit. Freedom from the 9-5 corporate life is liberating, but can also be isolating. You’ll likely meet new challenges and unexpected.

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Coworking Benefits

Everything to Know About Dedicated Desk Coworking

We’ve covered coworking pretty extensively on The Launch Factory blog. Our goal is to be a great resource for current and prospective coworkers, as well as for coworking spaces. Dedicated desks are the one of the most common types of coworking memberships, available in the majority of shared office spaces. Below is.

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Coworking Benefits

The Launch Factory Featured on Coworks

Coworks App is a Raleigh-based coworking platform focused on providing simple, smart technology and resources for coworking spaces across the country. The team from Coworks tours coworking spaces and interviews community managers to provide the best possible digital platform for shared offices. Below, read their blog post on The Launch Factory, and.

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Coworking Benefits

Everything to Know About Private Office Coworking

It's official: Charlotte has become a scooter city. At first, it was only the teens and adventurous South End brewery hoppers utilizing the many Birds and Limes scattered around the Queen City. Now, though, you're as likely to see a respectable, middle-aged banker Birding down Tryon as you are a millennial. Coworking.

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3 Common Office Rental Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

Anyone who has founded or worked for a startup will tell you it’s a learning curve. Sure, the money-maker is your first concern, but shaping the internal infrastructure can be just as challenging as building your product or service. So many different components come together to make an effective company. Your team,.

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