What is Coworking?

In 1999, I remember saying with a deep sense of conviction,“The day I need a cell phone is the day I’m too busy; I don’t want to be assorted with those types of people.”I then went out and purchased a Qualcomm QCP-860, it’s okay if you don’t remember those, just know it's a.

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Coworking Benefits

The Hidden Cost of Leasing a Traditional Office Space vs. Shared Office Space

In 2006, I began a non-profit organization in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was an excited 28-year-old who wanted to change Charlotte and the world. To do so however, I knew I needed to hire high-capacity staff members. After working out of my upstairs bedroom for years, I finally raised enough capital to hire.

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2 Studies Point To Increased CoWorking Demand in Charlotte

Two recent studies have some exciting news about the growth of coworking in Charlotte, NC: more young entrepreneurs are headed our way. Each year, the Kauffman Index study measures entrepreneurship growth in 40 cities nationwide. The study focuses on output rather than input, which means it considers factors such as business density, new companies, and.

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6 Reasons Coworking Spaces are Becoming Popular

The number of Americans working for themselves or as a remote employee is steadily on the rise. Some studies show one-third of the workplace are freelancers. These workers need workspace often outside of their homes, but an office and all it entails often carries an expensive price tag. Coworking spaces are popping up.

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