In the News: The Launch Factory Featured by Charlotte Stories

It's official, we're open for business. Okay, we've been open since January, however, last week's ribbon-cutting party definitely made it feel more real than ever. Coworking in Charlotte is growing, and it's amazing to be apart of that growth. Although, we'd have to admit that when you combine unique, tech-centric spaces with.

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How Much Does Coworking in Charlotte Cost?

If you are seriously considering moving yourself or your company into a coworking space, one of the questions you need to address is: How much will it cost? While the answer to that question can vary from city to city (and sometimes within the same city) there are basically three “options” most coworking spaces in.

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Coworking Benefits

Why StartUps Should Avoid the Traditional Office Space: 3 Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Recently Co-working spaces, or shared working spaces have started to pop up all over Charlotte. With the numbers of startups continuing to grow, shared office spaces have opened up to promote collaboration and a community for those looking to take their company to the next-level. An article written by Statista in October of 2016, states that shared.

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Member Spotlight: Echelon Information Management Solutions

No, he’s not a famous DJ, but Khalid Zoabi is already a success to us. He and his software developer, Camila Moreira are the newest members at The Launch Factory. Since the sixth grade, Khalid wasn’t found spinning records, but studying software. His lifelong commitment to (and fascination with) software development eventually led.

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Why You Should Seriously Consider Coworking: 11 Incredible Stats [Infographic]

What's your favorite thing about where you work? Is it the environment? The culture? The People? Maybe it's the technology or the resources you have access to? Hopefully it's some sort of combination of all of the above, however, something tells me that for a lot of people there's not a whole lot to.

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