Updates with Coworking and COVID-19

As you may have heard, masks are now a requirement for both outdoor and indoor public places which started at 5 PM on Friday, June 26th. We’re glad to provide masks for our member and guests use at Launch Factory, if needed. What this means for Launch Factory: People are required to.

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A New 2020 Vision- Coworking and Combating Coronavirus

There is no question that coworking is changing how we work. Prior to March 2020, the country was fostering connection and community more than ever before. This is due, in part, to domestic and global tragedies catalyzing empathy in all directions to cultivate change, hope, and opportunity. Now, instead of community, the.

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Experience Coworking-5 Benefits of Sit-Stand Desks

5 Benefits of Sit-Stand Desks  By: Margaret Slate    It’s Sunday again.  Your meals are prepped, your schedule is full, but where do you stand when it comes to healthy workplace habits?  Today, many employees are aware of their routine in regards to consistent workouts and a balanced diet, but an essential.

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Tech CEO and Non-Profit Executive Launching Charlotte’s First Upscale Co-Working Space

Coworking is a fairly new concept in the Queen City. The idea of 60-70 different entrepreneurs and local businesses working alongside one another in a collaborative workspace runs counter to Charlotte’s traditional banking office culture. Yet this is exactly what The Launch Factory founders, Philip Wegner and Dave Hickman set out to.

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The number of communal offices in Charlotte is exploding – but are they here to stay?

A few years ago, co-working was a novel idea in Charlotte, conjuring images of plaid-wearing hipsters working on their software startups. Now, the idea of communal office space is exploding in popularity, with a dozen co-working spaces open in Charlotte and major national players signing big leases at prominent uptown buildings. The.

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