If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know the basics of coworking. It’s a space where creatives, entrepreneurs, and other independent professionals come to work alongside one another in a shared office. It’s great for connection and inspiration, and is also a great choice for your finances. One of the reasons a shared office space can save you major cash is that all of your overhead costs are bundled into one monthly fee. If you are an entrepreneur, or are otherwise responsible for only a small team, the costs associated with an office space might not be defrayed among enough people to be reasonable. You’ll pay for a traditional office space per square foot, and the basics alone, like electricity, heating, and internet, can wreak havoc on your budget.

On top of that, who wants an office with just the basics? A better equipped workplace = a better performing team. That’s why it’s essential to consider amenities when choosing a shared office space. Extras, like a conference room or free printing, can make your job both easier and more enjoyable. After all, convenience is key if you’re a busy entrepreneur. You might not find a fluffy slippers and tiny shampoos waiting at your desk, but be sure to keep the amenities below in mind when you’re searching for your perfect coworking space!


This might not seem like an “extra” right off the bat, but Charlotte parking can get pretty dicey. When you’re touring coworking spaces, the parking situation should be first on your radar. Is there an attached parking lot, and does it cost money? Is it large enough that you (or someone coming in for a meeting) won’t have to fight for space? If parking is not included, check your public transit options. Easy parking or transportation takes a lot of stress out of your morning.


Many coworking spaces include mail service with your membership. Having a business address instead of residential keeps your personal information safe.

Coffee and Snacks

In an ideal world, we’d all meal prep healthy snacks for our work week…but let’s be real. When 2 PM hits, you’ll want to have snacks around. Caffeine, of course, is 24/7, and if your coworking space offers free coffee and tea you won’t have to run to Starbucks in a slump. 


Coworking spaces are more than just shared office spaces; they’re hubs for networking and building the social connections that make small businesses thrive. Most coworking spaces host social events for their members that are great opportunities to build your community and have fun with your team. In addition, check out what kind of event space is available for members to rent.


Although many business can operate on a nearly paperless system, printing at some point is a given. When you’re looking for a space, ask the community manager about the printing situation. Is it free, does it cost per page, or do you have a certain number of pages to print per month? Is it an old clunker, or a newer model that will let you scan and copy with ease?

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Not what you want.

Conference rooms

A conference room is a great resource no matter what size your company is. In a coworking space, you’re often around the hustle and bustle of many members, and booking the conference room can provide your team with a quiet space to focus on a big project or map out new ideas on whiteboards. Even if you’re a solopreneur, you never know when you’ll need to host a client or potential investor. If the conference room is outfitted with tech, even better! Which leads us to our next amenity…


Having tech built in to your coworking membership is another way you can save money while boosting your success; many coworking spaces in Charlotte offer Smart TVs for presentations, projectors, sound systems, podcast recording rooms, and more. Be sure to find a shared office space that fits your tech needs!

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