The number of Americans working for themselves or as a remote employee is steadily on the rise. Some studies show one-third of the workplace are freelancers.

These workers need workspace often outside of their homes, but an office and all it entails often carries an expensive price tag.

Coworking spaces are popping up to accommodate the need for workspace for freelancers, startup companies and remote employees at larger corporate companies alike.

With the demand for shared office space on the rise, it appears 2017 may be the year coworking becomes more conventional.

6 Reasons Coworking Spaces are Becoming Popular

  1. NetworksConnections and networking are one of the most apparent benefits of coworking spaces. Sharing a workspace gives companies access to new ideas, creativity, and a group culture that is better than a standard office environment, or worse, working from home.
  2. Shared CostsOffice space costs are more than just rent and utilities, consider the cost of furnishing, software programs, kitchen equipment, etc, it can be quite costly for small companies or single freelancers. It is estimated that individuals can save up to 75% in total costs by choosing coworking over standard office space.
  3. ProductivityThe atmosphere of a collaborative workspace increases your motivation and creative juices. Deskmag’s annual Global Coworking Survey revealed 71% of people feel more creative since joining a coworking space and 62% said their work has improved. Many individuals working in collaborative spaces feel more confident in this type of atmosphere.
  4. Professional environmentFor freelancers and startups, working out of your home is cost-effective essentially, but there are downsides. Accountability and concentration aren’t always easy at home. Your home is often full of distractions whether children, household chores, etc. Having a separate workspace is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity.
  5. AmenitiesJoining resources can result in more amenities that otherwise would not be affordable. Most coworking spaces include coffee, mailrooms, wifi, printing, events, and other amenities beneficial to the members.
  6. FlexibilityCoworking is flexible. You choose when you want to work, for how long, and offers you options to work solo or team-up with others. Many do not require long term commitments like traditional office space, so there is less financial stress.

Whether you’re just starting out, a one man/woman show, or an established company looking for the environment, ease, and amenities of coworking, there is a coworking option for you. We would love to give you a tour of our space and talk to you about our options here at The Launch Factory.