5 Reasons Why a Shared Office Space is Perfect for Your Start-Up

When looking for an office space, there seems to be a few options that most startups naturally turn to:

  • Coffee
  • Shops
  • Home Offices
  • Traditional Offices

While each of these come with benefits (and headaches), there’s actually another option that you need to also consider. Here are five reasons why working from a shared office space might be perfect for your start-up.


You hear us talk a lot about networking here on The Launch Factory blog. Why?

Simple, networking is by far the number one benefit from working at a shared office space. Rubbing elbows with like-minded entrepreneurs who share your hustle, drive, and need to get things done quickly and efficiently is both a comfort and a commodity.

When you have 30-40 different companies working from the same shared space, the synergy is palpable; particularly when everyone knows (and hopefully likes) the other. I once heard it said that friends are like elevators—they either take you up or down. In the same way, where you choose to work will take you and your company either up or down.

Working from a coffee shop, home garage, or traditional office space does not allow for networking opportunities. Either you are surrounded by people you don’t know and aren’t interested in your company (i.e. coffee shops), or you are secluded with your own employees on your own floor (i.e. traditional office) separated from others who may be willing to help you.

Coworking spaces allow your start-up to work in close proximity with others who, typically, are more than happy to befriend you and get behind you and your dreams (and vice versa).


Although working from a coffee shop, Starbucks, Panera, and the like are free, they do come with a cost. The internet can be unreliable (and slow) preventing you from being as efficient as you’d like, and it’s also hard to save money on both food and of course coffee. The times I’ve worked from coffee shops, I ended up spending money on coffee in the mornings and lunch in the afternoon.

To save money, some days I skipped lunch, which only made me super grumpy (hangry) by 3pm.

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By spending $200 for a coworking membership, most spaces offer fast, reliable, and secure internet; free coffee; a fridge; and other amenities that end up putting money back in your pocket. I once added up what I spent on lunch while working from Panera and discovered that I was spending $8 a day. That’s $160 right there not even counting my espresso each morning!

Keep in mind too, that most coworking spaces will throw in a free mailbox for dedicated desks and offices. What’s the cost of the average PO box these days anyhow? Printing is also included as well as the use of a conference room.

Your Health

In our last blog, we talked about how working in a community with others is actually good for your health.

Working by yourself from a coffee shop, or in your own cubical can produce feelings of isolation, depression, and increased anxiety. While coworking spaces allow plenty of freedom to work by yourself (thank God), they present an element of working along with others who know you and are for you.

If you are introverted, coworking still retains a sense of individualism. For extroverts, shared spaces presents plenty of opportunity to hang out in common areas and meet new people, collaborate, or simply learn something interesting about someone and how they work.

Low Commitment

Instead of signing a 1-2 year lease for a traditional office space, coworking memberships typically run month-to-month with dedicated desks and offices offering 6 month leases. So, if your company grows out of your current space, you don’t have to break a lease and pay ridiculous fines. Just knowing you’re not locked down for a year or two can help with your health too. All these are tethered together!


Yes, I said it. If you are single or newly single (or helplessly single) coworking environments produce a certain affinity for those who love their jobs, love meeting others, and working hard. Knowing you are working in the same space with someone who is serious about their work can be fertile ground for a quick introduction or interesting conversation.

Meeting someone in a traditional office space can be awkward because you are: (a) working for the same company and that may be frowned upon or produce a conflict of interest or (b) positioning yourself to be the topic of all the “talk” around the office. I think there was a hilarious sitcom called, “The Office” that shows the horror of dating on the job.

In coworking environments, there is a certain expectation that you should mingle, you should meet people, and if you end up dating some hot guy or gal, good for you.

At The Launch Factory we provide an upscale, unique, technology-optimized, Charlotte coworking space that’s ready for business professionals and teams of all shapes and sizes.

If you have any questions about our space or would like to schedule a private tour, please contact us here.

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