Two recent studies have some exciting news about the growth of coworking in Charlotte, NC: more young entrepreneurs are headed our way.

Each year, the Kauffman Index study measures entrepreneurship growth in 40 cities nationwide. The study focuses on output rather than input, which means it considers factors such as business density, new companies, and growth rates.

In 2015, Charlotte ranked 13th on the list. This year, the Queen City ticked up a few notches to number 11.

So?!?! What does that tell us? Enter the second study: Last month, West Coast-based apartment rental site, Apartment List, released a report analyzing U.S. Census data from 2005-2015 for the nation’s largest 50 metro areas to determine where people age 18-35 are choosing to call home.

Number one on the list? Charlotte, NC.

And it wasn’t even close. According to the report, Charlotte’s Millennial population (those born after 1982) grew by over 30% since 2005. Austin, TX came in a distant second, increasing by 20% during the same time frame.

If you take the Kaufmann study and the Apartment List report together, you begin to get a fuller picture of why coworking spaces in Charlotte may see an upswing in the coming years.

However, not every shared office space in Charlotte was created equal. They all offer different experiences and different resources to support this new way of doing business.

What should a good coworking space include?

Reliable, secure and modern technology services, specifically a secure, high-performing Wi-Fi experience.A clean business environment optimized for both small and large teams, collaboration and above all else getting work done.The Basics: free parking, secure access

Other than these features the right shared office space will have personality, and appeal to a community environment.

What you don’t need a study for, however, is to know that Millennials bleed entrepreneurship, collaboration, community engagement, and networking. Millennials believe that we can achieve more together than apart.

They were raised with the piercing question of Rodney King ringing in their ears: “Why can’t we all just get along?” But a decade later, Millennials are now asking a similar, but different question: Why can’t we all just work together?

And for many Millennial entrepreneurs, that’s exactly what they intend to do.

At The Launch Factory we provide a unique, technology-optimized Charlotte coworking space ready for business professionals and technology teams of all shapes and sizes. If you have any questions about our space or would like to schedule a private tour, please contact us here.