Local. Historic. Modern.

We have created a work environment that doesn’t suck. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.
Gone are the days of traditional boring office suites where you have the headaches of worrying about details unrelated to your job or company. We handle it all (other than doing your job for you.) So whether it’s coffee, printing, the best Wi-fi money can buy, a podcast studio, conference rooms, or event space, we got it.
You can feel like you’re at home in our space without the lost productivity from working from home, though we do recommend wearing pants.

Historic, urban workspace with modern perks you’ll love

Flexible, All-Inclusive, Affordable Memberships

Bringing People Together


local to the core

Experience Coworking


Explore a variety of membership options to suit your needs.


Flexible, Drop-In Coworking

For those who need to an occasional place to work or single-man (or woman) shows who don’t want to meet their clients at Starbucks. Join the space and have a professional environment to get it done.


Your Space. All-Inclusive Benefit. 24/7

A dedicated space for you or your whole team in the open space of our facility. No need to tote your belongings home each night. It’s your space


Personalized Office. Maximum Benefit. 24/7

Whether you’re a team of two or ten, this option gives you a private, lockable office without all the hassle of a traditional office.